St. Hilary's Miniature Church Advent Calendar 2009

Thursday 3rd December 2009

Robert Alexander just HAS to choose this photo for today!  He knows that Tom and Priscilla Jane have been allowed to use a photo of themselves during their lesson on Advent about the "Colours of Christmas" for the 1st December.   He, therefore, was keen for his royal purple cabbage to be included today as a record of his contribution to that same lesson!  

Amelia too is happy to see this photo as it shows her colouring in her tree with red, another colour that represents Christmas.  Red represents Jesus' blood that was spilt when he was crucified.

Amelia and Robert Alexander have chosen this carol because it tells the story of how it came to be that God sent his only son, Jesus, in order to save us from our sins by dying on a cross.

(abridged  version see below)

 his is the truth sent from above,
The truth of God, the God of love;
Therefore dont turn me from your door,
But hearken all, both rich and poor.

The first thing, which I do relate,
That God at first did man create
The next thing, which to you I tell,
Woman was made with him to dwell.

Thus we were heirs to endless woes,
Till God the Lord did interpose
For so a promise soon did run
That Hed redeem us with a Son.

And at this season of the year
Our blest Redeemer did appear
He here did live, and here did preach,
And many thousands He did teach.

Thus He in love to us behaved,
To show us how we must be saved
And if you want to know the way
Be pleased to hear what He did say.